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This course is essential for personnel who are new to the offshore oil and gas industry that require this safety and emergency response training and assessment to work in an offshore cold or warm water environment.

#BOSIET course is a minimum requirement to work offshore. The course consists of four modules; Safety Induction, Helicopter Safety and Escape (HUET), Sea Survival and First Aid, Fire Fighting and Self Rescue. The BOSIET is required for cold water areas and includes additional training in the use of survival suits and emergency breathing systems during the #HUET module.

Introduction1. 1 #Basic Safety Induction, #Helicopter Safety and Escape (HUET), #Sea Survival and First Aid, #Fire Fighting and Self Rescue. #Emergency Breathing System (EBS) , In-water Procedures

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Courses 1. OIM (Offshore Installation Manager)

  1. BS (Barge Supervisor / Barge Master)
  2. BCO (Ballast Control Operator / MOU Stability)
  3. MS (Maintenance Supervisor / Chief Mechanic)
  4. OPITO IMIST (International Minimum Industrial Safety Training)
  5. Crane Operator Course – Level 1, 2 & 3
  6. HLO (Helicopter Landing Officer)
  7. HDA ( Helideck Assistant)
  8. BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training)

10 . PSCRB ( Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats )

  1. HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) &

Helicopter under water escape & sea survival training 

  1. H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Safety Course)
  2. FRC / FRB (Fast Rescue Craft / Boat )
  3. HFF (Helicopter Fire Fighting)

15 HDFF  ( Helideck Fire Fighting )

                             Basic Offshore Course

Roustabout Course

Enclose Space Entry

Helicopter under water escape & sea survival training

Container Familiarization

Safe Working Practice


Environmental Compliance Training

Environmental Safety Training

Basic safety Training

Roustabout Course

Anchor Handling

Accident Investigation

Safe Lifting and Hoisting

Fast Rescue Boats / Craft

Crane Operator

Rigging and Slinging

Designated Person Ashore (DPA)

 D.G. Shipping and I.M.O. Approved STCW 95 /STCW 2010 : Courses

Elementary First Aid (EFA)

Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention (FPFF)

Augmentation Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention (AUG FPFF)

Medical First Aid (MFA)

Oil Tanker Familiarization (OTF)

Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (PSSR)

Personal Survival Techniques (PST)

Refresher Course for FPFF (STCW’ 2010)

Refresher Course for PST (STCW’ 2010)

Security Training for Seafarers with designated security duties


Nautical courses    

Basic Offshore Courses        

Writtens and Orals Preparatory Classes

Engineer Courses    

Engine Room Resource Management 

Catering courses

Rating Courses

Passenger Ship Training          

Technical Maritime Training                   

TANKER COURSE                                        





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